The Next Generation Mainnet is coming! Incorporating with NvirWorld’s CBDC patent technology

NvirWorld is a blockchain company developing a next-generation mainnet incorporating CBDC patent technology, and aims to define Layer 3 of blockchain technology which will contribute in rapid expansion of blockchain utilization in 2023.

NvirWorld is now listed on Global Exchanges like, MEXC, LBank, and Bitmart. Also, NvirWorld’s project is getting attention from several YouTube channels, blogs, and coin communities. In the near future, NvirWorld is scheduled to undergo various favorable factors such as additional listing on higher exchanges and also open a physical gallery in the heart of Gangnam area in Seoul. 

Paradigm shift by bringing CBDC technology to blockchain


In March this year, NvirWorld acquired a blockchain-based fintech developer company and changed its name to ‘Nvir Labs’, completed patent registration in Korea for two CBDC related technology patents together with Korea’s leading credit card company Shinhan Card and currently applied for patents in other countries, including the United States, EU, China Japan and more. 

When the next generation NVIR Mainnet with CBDC patented technology is released next year, even those who have smartphones but no bank accounts can trade and pay with blockchain technology with their devices thru hardware wallet embedded in it. This will expand the utilization of blockchain faster than the general financial system in many countries, creating a groundbreaking paradigm shift.

MOU with the Solana foundation 

NvirWorld signed an MOU with the Solana Foundation on September 23, agreed on long-term strategic cooperation aimed to support and promote the development of NvirWorld’s projects built on the Solana blockchain.

Solana is known as one of the fastest blockchains in the world and is considered a strong competitor to Ethereum, which has the 2nd largest market capitalization in the crypto market. Solana surpassed Ethereum’s daily trading volume in the 2nd quarter of this year, exceeding 40 million.

NvirWorld’s NWX (NvirWorld X-CLUB) NFT, a series of unique membership NFT cards, was issued on the Solana Blockchain, and NvirMarket introduced the Solana Blockchain Network in June to support Ethereum and Solana multi-chain.

NvirWorld is expected to enhance its blockchain services in collaboration with the Solana Foundation, creating synergy with NvirLabs, a blockchain-based fintech acquired by NvirWorld back in March. In particular, NvirWorld is set to launch its next-generation mainnet next year and aims to define the Layer3 technology of blockchain.

Through cooperation with the Solana Foundation, NvirWorld is expected to further strengthen its ecosystem.

Unique ecosystems already in operation and more to come

The project’s native token is NVIR and currently operates products such as NFT MarketPlace “Nvir Market”, Virtual Synthetic Asset investment platform “ N-Hub”, and non-face-to-face financial service portal “bankoNverse”.

Regarding the current products in operation, the NFT MarketPlace “NvirMarket” is ETH & SOL dual chain, and a seven-story NFT and Art Gallery will open in the middle of Gangnam, Seoul, in late October to serve as a showroom for the NvirMarket. It’s located just beside the famous gallery, luxury department store and the building of SM Entertainment, which is one of the top agencies that manages lots of K-POP Idols and celebrities. Just like what PSY’s song “Gangnam-Style” mentioned, Gangnam is a FUN place where both tourists and locals love to visit.

In addition, in connection with “Starlogin”, a Korea’s leading casting company, NvirWorld will provide various time sale NFT products of Korean celebrities starting Oct and more innovative and unique NFT products to come.

A P2E game, which allows users to generate profits in conjunction with existing ecosystems will be launched in November, and Metaverse-based Nvirland is also under development with the goal of opening in 2023.

Great time to include NVIR to your portfolio

Mainnet projects such as Ethereum, Polygon, Ripple, and Solana have seen tremendous growth since launch, from at least 30,000% to up to 700,000%. NvirWorld is also expected to grow with a big increase when the next gen mainnet comes out in 2023.

NvirWorld is a project that has a variety of platforms already in place and has a solid and well-prepared plan for activating existing platforms. With mainnet technology and CBDC patents, this project has great potential as a platform development and mainnet, so it is expected to become a world-class blockchain project









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