Manage All Your Digital Currencies with OWNR Wallet

Manage All Your Digital Currencies with OWNR Wallet


OWNR Wallet software is a “virtual asset manager.” To put it briefly, that means it’s a non-custodial multi-currency crypto wallet.

In this review, the strengths and weaknesses of the OWNR Wallet app will be evaluated by a live test of the app.

About OWNR Wallet

OWNR Wallet is an international IT company working in the FinTech, cybersecurity, and cryptocurrency industries.

Today OWNR Wallet includes a multi-platform non-custodial wallet app, Visa prepaid cards, and ready-made enterprise solutions like a payment gateway, API to buy, sell or exchange crypto.

OWNR Wallet has registered companies in seven countries; five have official licenses to provide services with virtual assets for residents. OWNR covers 216 countries and territories. Thus, OWNR services are available to more than 90% of all cryptocurrency holders worldwide.

Multifunctional HD wallet


In regards to asset security, OWNR Wallet is a non-custodial wallet. This means that it does not store any data that leads to access. Private keys and seed phrases are generated and stored on users’ devices only. OWNR gives you an option to generate a seed phrase of either 12, 15, 18, 21 or 24 words. This is protected with an additional passphrase, which in essence becomes a part of your seed phrase, but not generated from a vocabulary. 

Moreover, users can easily secure the OWNR app on their gadgets with a PIN code, face ID or touch ID.

It is important to note that OWNR Wallet is a licensed service, which tells us that it complies with world security standards. You don’t need to worry about the safety of your assets and the purity of your cryptocurrency.

Supported coins:


Downloading OWNR Wallet

When you reach the landing page, you will be greeted with two large download buttons — for desktop and mobile versions. There is also a web version, but it is accessible through a pull-down navigation menu. You can install OWNR Wallet in many ways, including but not limited to Windows installer, macOS installer, Linux AppImage, iOS App Store, Google Play, and Huawei AppGallery for Android.

Buying crypto

Briefly covering the “buy crypto” feature, it is a fast and secure way to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other coins with a bank card (MasterCard, Visa, UnionPay).

The fees are 4%+3 USD for customers from any countries supported for the purchase.

OWNR Wallet has a list of countries where purchases of cryptocurrency are available.

Visa prepaid card features

With the adoption of cryptocurrency in the world, one of the most important functions of cryptographic apps is the withdrawal of cryptocurrency to fiat. 

OWNR Wallet offers it to users in the form of prepaid Visa cards. Users can order physical or virtual cards in the app and replenish the card balance with cryptocurrency instantly. 

When it is time to top up, the cryptocurrency is automatically converted into euros and users can use this card just like any other Visa card, including withdrawing fiat funds from ATMs.

It is worth noting that the cards are available only for a number of countries, more details with the list can be found on the official website of OWNR Wallet. Fees and limits also apply.

Crypto-to-crypto exchange

The desktop and mobile apps allow users to exchange crypto between BTC, ETH, USDT, DASH, ZEC, LTC, and other assets. 

They can also customize network fees. Users can make such adjustments to temper sudden spikes of the blockchain network congestion or whenever a user wants to speed up the transaction.


By default, new users can buy up to $50 of cryptocurrency using USD, EUR, RUB, GBP, UAH, KZT, PLN and ZAR. To increase the limit, you must perform KYC verification, which will increase the limit to $5,000. 

OWNR Wallet uses Sum&Sub as its KYC provider, so you are required to accept its terms of conditions before proceeding.

Then you will be prompted for one of the following four documents:

PassportNational ID cardDriver’s licenseResidence permit

All four corners of the document must be completely visible and all the information must be clearly seen.

Following that, you need to complete a video check where you slowly rotate your head in a circle in front of your webcam or phone camera. 

The final step is to submit a proof of residence document, such as a utility bill, bank statements or tax returns. These must also have the same name as the identity card you submit and must not be older than three months.

After these steps are completed, the buy limit will be increased to $5,000.

It is possible to increase the buy limit to higher than $5,000 but you must complete a more comprehensive verification process after the first KYC is done.


OWNR Wallet is a comprehensive wallet and asset manager for sending, receiving, and buying cryptocurrencies.

You will always receive the latest security updates because OWNR Wallet continuously checks for them. Finally, it is an excellent wallet to select if you are using an obscure operating system because it supports many platforms.

If you are a person who likes easy-to-use wallets, then OWNR Wallet is recommended because you can send, receive, store, buy and withdraw cryptocurrency in just a few steps on the app. 

The app tries to accommodate newbie users, traders, developers, and businesses as much as possible. 

In the case of newbie users, it provides them an interface with a few controls and buttons on it. For traders, it is through the built-in currency exchange feature. And businesses can take advantage of Visa prepaid card products that OWNR offers for volume of users.

OWNR Wallet has a high level of security in that a reputable third-party provider handles your KYC information, and your sensitive wallet information never leaves your device.

Keep an eye on OWNR Wallet and its ever-improving ecosystem here: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Facebook | Blog | Reddit | Instagram | YouTube | Medium |


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