Lebron James and Crypto.com announce a new partnership

Lebron James and Crypto.com announce a new partnership


Lebron says blockchain is revolutionising society and he wants to see his community be part of that exciting future.

LeBron James and Crypto.com will help around 1,600 Akron children learn about cryptocurrencies, and potentially see them get into crypto technology careers, the NBA star said via a statement published on Friday.

The partnership will work through Lebron’s Foundation and target giving the children first-hand skills in crypto and how the technology behind the innovation works, the Lakers player’s spokesperson said.

According to the statement, the Lebron James Family Foundation will collaborate with Crypto.com via the I Promise School program.  

Crypto.com to help develop learning resources 

James grew up in Akron, one of the poor cities in Ohio and his 2018 venture to open the school looked to have a project that would keep students in school as well as see them grow academically towards a career.

On this particular partnership, James said he would like to see more doors open to “academically-at-risk” children, noting that key targets would be to lead them towards career paths in Web3 and the global digital future.

Crypto.com experts will offer the training and skills virtually and through in-person sessions, with these lessons extended to the kids and their families, the statement added.

According to James, cryptocurrency and the underlying blockchain technology continues to revolutionise various sectors of society. Apart from the economy, blockchain has a footprint in sports and entertainment, art, and social interaction.

He says that he’d wish to see communities such as Akron, where he grew up, be part of this future.

Kris Marszalek, the crypto platform’s co-founder and CEO, noted that his firm will help come up with educational resources as well as provide job training opportunities. 

Those who benefit, he said, would be able to replicate the knowledge and skill elsewhere in the community to see more people benefit from “financial independence and self-determination.”

Although the specific terms of the deal have not been disclosed, it is expected the NBA star and the cryptocurrency exchange firm will be keen on working together for a number of years.

Crypto.com made history with its $700 million deal to rename Staples Center to Crypto.com Arena in November 2021.


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